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As you..


may have noticed, we’ve been a bit absent from blogging lately. With the holidays in full swing and the everyday aspects of life taking priority, it has just made it a bit hard to keep up. But we’re not disappearing entirely, rather taking a little hiatus to get back on track. We hope you love reading threetwentyeight as much as we love writing it, and will return when we do.

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-three & twentyeight

Happy Thanksgiving


everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the days off and the incredible food, but this is a nice way to remember what the holiday is really all about.

Don’t forget Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24th, an important day to get out there and show your support!

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-three & twentyeight

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

It’s pretty..

much a given that both Megan and I are always up for a spiritual reading (hopefully a positive one). Which is why I can’t wait to get my hands on a deck of these Tarot cards from The Wild Unknown. With engaging designs it makes them hard to resist, believer or not!

Photo: Bona Drag


Animal Polka Dot Bookends


bookends from the vintage style Dutch brand Pakhuis Oost are stylish and functional at the same time. A sweet (and not too expensive) way to keep books in place. They’re handprinted and handcrafted in Vietnam and you can choose from a bird, squirrel, fawn or rabbit (my fav). Available at the well curated and beautifully designed children’s shop Sunday in Color.

Photo: Sunday in Color


More Ways to Help


this week we went back to our regular scheduled posts, it is very much on our minds that so many people still need help here on the east coast. It’s remarkable to see everyone doing what they can to pitch in, and there has been a lot of goodness going on from bake sales, to coat drives to volunteers helping rebuild homes. So continue spreading the love and check out two more (among SO many) awesome organizations… Operation Sandy Claus and Lava Surf Girl.

Photo: Grey Area

Halloween Costume…Struggle

So thankfully..

Halloween has come and gone. I’m embarrassed to admit I sort of struggled with Leni’s costume this year. I’m not exactly proud of it, but I was trying to influence her to dress up in something cute, creative and could be used year round – like the adorable cat dress above. She resisted and spiderman won BUT..

she rocked it!

Photos: Wild Things Dresses, threetwentyeight


Timberland X Mark McNairy

Out now..

is the collection from Timberland and Mark McNairy – dope.

Photo: Four Pins

Totokaelo Inspiration


from a long time favorite Totokaelo. Have a bit of a girl crush on this model too!

Photos: Totokaelo


Illume Candles

My favorite..

candles these days are from Illume. Got the coconut milk mango tin in a goodie bag from the blogshop class I took (more on that in a future post), and I’m now obsessed! Can’t wait to gift these for the holidays.

Photo: Illume



It’s hard..

to get back into the swing of things when so many people close by are still affected by the hurricane. A noticeable common theme has been that many people want to help out in some way, including us here at threetwentyeight. Other bloggers (a go-to has been Bklyn or Beyond), facebook, word of mouth and newsletters have all been great resources. So of course monetary donations are always great, but there are other ways to pitch in… donate blood, gather/purchase toiletries, (think of the things YOU use on a daily basis), adopt an abandoned pet, organize a diaper drive or just check on an elderly neighbor. There are so many out there still suffering, and people helping people is really what it’s all about.

Photo: Refinery29 Via Deb Farrell Nelson

-three & twentyeight