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Illume Candles

My favorite..

candles these days are from Illume. Got the coconut milk mango tin in a goodie bag from the blogshop class I took (more on that in a future post), and I’m now obsessed! Can’t wait to gift these for the holidays.

Photo: Illume


Izola Candles


Izola Rosemary Candle

Izola Rosemary Candle

to the Izola collection are these charming candles. The wax, which is hand poured into recycled colored glass, is a natural blend made from renewable sources grown in the USA. The candles come in an assortment of scents like green moss, clary sage, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood and jasmine that are the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. As we’ve mentioned before, Izola is a great resource for unique home essentials and other fun goods, like these cheeky flasks.

Photo: Izola


Waverly and Irving Tin Candles

With all of..

Waverly & Irving Candles

Waverly and Irving Tin Candles

Waverly and Irving Tin Line

Waverly and Irving Tin Candles

the candle options out there, it’s great to have one geared towards the guys. These hand made soy wax candles by Waverly and Irving are poured into vintage and antique tin cans, giving them more of a masculine edge. To make these candles even more special, each vessel is hand picked by founder Adam Miller during regular trips he makes cross-country. You can find them at here or here.

Photos: Palmer Trading Company


Guest Hunter, Inky Son

We’ve got..

Guest Hunter, Inky Son

Guest Hunter, Inky Son

Inky Son along for a week of Guest Hunting! Inky was born in South Korea and moved to Gloversville, a small town in upstate New York when she was 8 years old. After graduating from Georgetown University, Inky moved to NYC where she worked for companies like DKNY and J. Lo. Though her heart still lies in New York, she has been in Amsterdam since 2008 and is Business and Marketing Director at Twenty8Twelve.

In addition to friends, travel and work; she’s very into sports, her team is the Georgetown Hoyas and is pretty much unavailable during March Madness.  Oh, Inky’s also a big fan of food and is always in search of the best, most authentic. From food to style, this worldly lady (she’s already lived in 4 continents)  has some real good stuff to share. SO CLICK HERE TO KEEP ON READING!

Photo: Inky Son