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Animal Polka Dot Bookends


bookends from the vintage style Dutch brand Pakhuis Oost are stylish and functional at the same time. A sweet (and not too expensive) way to keep books in place. They’re handprinted and handcrafted in Vietnam and you can choose from a bird, squirrel, fawn or rabbit (my fav). Available at the well curated and beautifully designed children’s shop Sunday in Color.

Photo: Sunday in Color



I’ve been obsessing over..

Wolfum Coasters

Wolfum Coasters

the beautiful textiles from Wolfum. After seeing these amazing bookends on The Mini Social, I perused the e-shop and was happily introduced to the bold patterns and fabrics they offer in napkins, coasters and pillows as well. The company was founded by Annabel Inganni, who was inspired by vintage table wear to create these lovely prints. The goods from Wolfum are all handmade in Los Angeles, and are ones you can count on to give a boost to a living, dining or even kids room. More, please!

Wolfum Pillows

Wolfum Pillows

Wolfum Bookends

Wolfum Bookends

Photos: Wolfum


Hippopotamus Bookends

Kind of obsessed with..

Hippo Bookends

Hippopotamus Bookend $58.00

WHITE! I’m not sure where my obsession with white stems from but it became really apparent while decorating my apartment last winter.  I was constantly on websites, blogs and through the wonders of the web was introduced to a pretty great store A+R. I bought 2 of these white hippos and use as bookends..highly recommend!

roller skate door stop

Rollerstop Bookend/Doorstop $95.00

I’ve been back and forth about the roller skate door stop they also sell. I really don’t have a use for it, but I do love it..

Photo: A+R