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Megan Scott & René Sbrocco

Megan Scott & René Sbrocco

threetwentyeight? Threetwentyeight is collaboration between two good friends, Rene (three) and Megan (twentyeight). It was created as a place to go for inspiration – to find all things great, regardless of how big or small. Whether aspirational or achievable, we’re about inspiring individuality and creating a curated assortment from around the world.. one blog post at a time.

As we’ve said, there are 2 of us and we each post daily. One at 3:28 am, the other at 3:28 pm – here’s the schedule:

Monday – Home
Tuesday – Hers
Wednesday – His
Thursday – Kids
Friday – Food
Saturday – Great Things
Sunday- Guest Hunter

In addition to our daily posts, every Sunday we will be introducing our Guest Hunter of the week. This person might be a friend, someone we admire, a totally random we spotted out and about. They can live anywhere and be any age – boy or girl, male or female. The only requirement is they have an opinion and a point of view. So each Sunday, we will post their biography as well as their picks for the week. Throughout the week, uncover more by “friending” us on facebook and read more about their top posts.

If you are interested in being featured, please submit a brief bio to info@threetwentyeight.com telling us about yourself and why you should be part of the hunt!

We’ve got more coming, so be sure to keep checking back!

-three & twentyeight

7 responses to “about

  1. love your site!! already spreading the address!!

  2. I just discovered your site. I love it! Thank you 🙂

    • akatwentyeight

      thank you so much – we’re super flattered and love your photography (your family section is AMAZING)!

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful positive feedback…..you’re right we do have the best local talent as well as the best appreciaters!!

  4. Lisa Chang is a sorority sister of mine. I loved the piece on her! Your site is really cool! I love the intersection of fashion, art and even family! Very cool! Gigi in Charlotte, NC

    • Hey Gigi, Thanks so much for checking out Lisa’s post (love that you went to college with her) and we love your great feedback on the site, please keep checking back – thanks again!

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