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Moore & Giles McMillan Tie Case

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McMillan Tiecase

Moore & Giles McMillan Tie Case

gentleman traveler, the Moore & Giles McMillan tie case seems perfect.  Packing is not my forte, so whenever I open my suitcase, there ends up being a wrinkled mess of clothes. This nifty accessory holds neckwear in place so there is none of that to deal with while unpacking. Obviously an investment, but if you are a guy who is constantly on the road, it may be worth it for you. Find it at Sir Jack’s, a new to me e-shop that has a quite impressive assortment of goods to browse.

Photo: Sir Jack’s


Leather Backgammon Roll


Leather Backgammon Roll $35

Leather Backgammon Roll $35

a fan of backgammon since it was introduced to me back in high school. For whatever reason, I sort of forgot about the game for a while but was reintroduced to it while doing a summer share a few years back. Instantly I was totally hooked and decided I needed a board of my own.  The problem is most boards are bulky. I love these leather rolls, super easy to pack for weekend getaways or to store in small spaces. This one is made by Cuvaes & Tucco in Mexico City from 100% natural hunting leather.  It comes with all of the essentials – standard chips, 2 sets of dice, and is just one of those creations I wish I had thought of.

Photo: Etsy


Anthology Magazine

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Anthology Magazine

Anthology Magazine

to fill the void from the loss of your favorite home magazines? Anthology is a quarterly printed lifestyle magazine delivering inspiring pictures and stories of decor, travel, entertaining and culture. You can get your hands on a copy of Issue #2 at Three Potato Four and keep an eye out for issue #3 coming out in early May.

Photo: Anthology Magazine


Le Cool Guide Books

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Le Cool

Le Cool Barcelona Guide Book $28

to Barcelona. The Le Cool Guide Book was my savior when I traveled to Spain. I got to see the city as more of a local rather than a tourist, something I always try to do when exploring new places. The book lead me to underground shops, local food joints and introduced me to many secrets spots in the city. Other Le Cool city guide books available are Madrid, Lisbon, London and Amsterdam.

Photos: http://www.lecoolbook.com/