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Guest Hunter, Ashley Kennedy

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Ashley Kennedy

Ashley Kennedy

to Ashley Kennedy. We are absolutely thrilled to have her as our Guest Hunter for the week and we can guarantee you will enjoy her fabulous picks (as we certainly did). You’ll want to keep reading to learn more about the life of this cool girl and spy some of her favorite things. But really no one can say it better than Ashley herself…

I’m a San Francisco native who has been circumstantially transplanted into Los Angeles for the last 14 years, but I dream of living in SF again someday. I was born into the fashion world with a clothing designer mom and a maternity clothing manufacturer dad, and all they ever told me was “Don’t go into this business!”  But it was in my blood, and I ended up where I was meant to be…in the kids fashion industry!  I was a trend forecaster for years and then when I got pregnant with my first son, I launched a boys clothing website called LittleDudesonly.com, which I have since sold (it is still operating today under new owners). I was frustrated with the lack of creativity and innovation in boy’s apparel, and now that I’m a mother of two boys (and a third son due in November), it continues to annoy me that there are only a handful of boys clothing lines that are doing something different! I admit it’s getting better, but it’s still not where it should be.

I decided to sell my website, and I was hired as a buyer for TheMiniSocial.com, which is THE COOLEST of all the kids flash sale websites out there. They were the first on the kids flash sale scene and they continue to offer the best in kids boutique brands (totally impartial here).

I’ve been a kids buyer for over two years and I absolutely love what I do. I live in Silver Lake with my husband and two sons. We love to go to concerts, movies and our favorite restaurants (Din Tai Fung, Casa Bianca and Speranza to name a few).  I’m one of those people who constantly barrages everyone I know with all the coolest new places and things I’ve found, so I’m excited to have an excuse to impart my opinions this time!