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Guest Hunter, Catherine Choi

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Guest Hunter, Catherine Choi

Guest Hunter, Catherine Choi

to this weeks Guest Hunter, Catherine Choi. She’s the brains behind the brilliant line SoYoung, and we are simply honored to have her on threetwentyeight. She’s a mom to three kids, who just happen to be the inspiration behind SoYoung Inc. After finding something missing in the market (and the experience gained from carting around 3 kids and their stuff) she created the Canadian line of urban bags, which are oriented towards the modern family lifestyle. The entire collection, which includes unisex diaper bags, lunch boxes, cooler bags, and backpacks, are not only beautifully designed but also completely functional. They are thought out down to the tiny (but important) details and all I can say is I’m a huge fan!

It’s hard not to admire Catherine’s refreshing point of view as she puts it out there that “SoYoung is not about diaper bags, or any other product, for that matter. It is about acting on inspiration, and the pursuit of possibility. It’s about watching an idea blossom into reality. And the belief that in order to inspire our kids to empower themselves, we must first take action towards our own self-empowerment.”

KEEP READING for more of who and what are inspiring this savvy and super talented business owner, as she gives a shout out to some of her favorites.

SoYoung Backpacks

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SoYoung Junior Backpack

SoYoung Junior Backpack

thoughtful and lovely designs from SoYoung. It’s no secret that the Charlie Bag is a favorite of threetwentyeight, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to check out a junior backpack. The “camera bag” as I was calling it came along on a beach vacation with the family, and my niece and nephew (who are 12 and 10) were loving the design – actually we all were. Leni wanted to get in on the action too, although I don’t think she’s there quite yet.

SoYoung Backpack

“Camera Bag”

Some other neat details of the bag are the waterproof lining and the collapsible insulated lunch sack, which can be used separately. This came in super handy for drinks & snacks.

Lunch Sack

Lunch Sack

After vacation, my sister (who is 25) saw the bag in our apartment and was instantly smitten. It’s really the perfect bag for all ages and any adventure whether it’s school, hiking or a day at the beach. What’s not to love?

Photos: threetwentyeight