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When a trio..

of talented artists get together, amazing things develop. Jennifer Fiore, Nina Lalli and Signe Yberg meet up weekly to create a beautiful collection of ceramics called Mondays. I want every one of these lovely pieces to call my own, but I also think they’d make pretty fabulous gifts as well. Find the full assortment of one-of-a kind bowls, cups, planters, platters & beyond here.

Photos: Mondays


Best of Guest Hunter – Home

Kicking off..

Best of Home

Best of Home

the New Year with a look at the past. It has almost been a year since our first post and we wanted to ring in 2012 with a week of sharing some of the amazing finds from our Guest Hunters in 2011. It was tough to narrow down the list, but we’ve pulled together some of our favorites from our 25 fabulous guest editors. Today, we are covering home picks – Ryan Carl, May Luk; Signe Yberg, Akke Functional Art; Gina Appleby, Vintage Books; Lucy & Stella Pappas, Angela Adams Rug. Thanks to our Guest Hunters and readers for a wonderful 2011, stay tuned lots more to come in 2012!

Photos: (top right, clockwise) Akke Functional Art, Gina Appleby Interior Design, Lucy Pappas, Take Me Homeware

-three & twentyeight

Guest Hunter, Signe Yberg


Signe Yberg

Signe Yberg

smart, beautiful, cool and just happens to be this week’s Guest Hunter. Meet Signe Yberg. As a teenager in the late-80s, Signe spent her hard-earned babysitting money on records and clothing from New York City’s vintage stores and downtown boutiques. Poking around in shops, going to concerts, and people-watching on the city’s endlessly inspiring streets, Signe became acutely aware of how style communicates personality and character. She experimented with a variety of her own personal looks and reveled in the expressive nature of wardrobe. Often, she and her friends would pool their treasures, turn on the stereo, and play dress-up. A passionate creator, Signe styled, applied makeup to, and took pictures of herself and her friends, later developing the film in her own darkroom. In the 90s, as a student at New York University, Signe turned her interests to Art History and Cinema Studies, further honing her eye and appreciation for color, pattern, form, and costume… and how they all come together to tell a story. Today, Signe realizes she has always been a stylist, and her influences continue to come from film, fine arts, music and (as always) the people she encounters on a daily basis.

Signe is a lifelong New Yorker, currently lives in Brooklyn, and is an avid cyclist and ceramicist. So, be sure to KEEP READING, you’re guaranteed to be wowed and inspired by Signe’s picks…we sure were!