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Diamonds & Studs

Pretty cool..

Aggressive Ring by Lusasul

Lusasul Aggressive Ring w/ Three Spikes $129

jewels from lusasul.  I came across this ring on StyledOn a minute ago – and fell in love with the uniqueness of it.  I like the construction and the spike/diamond combo. The elegance of the diamonds and the toughness of the spikes are a cool mix.  Luz del Carmen Zambrano, the creator of lusasul uses silver to make pieces that are super cool, great everyday items> Not to mention, totally on trend and great little statements. I’m in love with her collection, especially the Aggressive Ring. Perfect with jeans and a tee!

Pyramid Stud Cuff by Shayan Afshar

Shayan Afshar Pyramid Stud Cuff $375

The spike remind me of the pyramid stud cuff by Shayan Afshar. I saw at Curve early last summer and obsessed over it for about a month, finally went back to buy it only to find that it was sold out.  I ended up searching online, and after a lot of work and much deliberation of which metal to buy, bought it in gold. Loved it. Note: I’m using past tense there, it feel off my wrist last week and has not resurfaced.

Photo: StyledOn (ring) and www.shayanafshar.com (cuff)