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Guest Hunter, Robin Scholle

From the..

Robin Scholle

Robin Scholle

west coast we’re bringing you our Guest Hunter, Robin Scholle. After living in NYC for many years, Robin has now settled in San Fransisco with her husband, their dog and 2 cats. She enjoys good coffee, art, music and all things natural. She studied photography and design (and lucky for her, she is very talented at both). She’s genuine, funny and is just someone you always want to be around. Not to mention she’s got killer style and is one of my dearest friends!

So, from tasty treats to Bay Area gems, this beautiful lady has some real good stuff to share – and you can find it all HERE.

Isa Leshko Photography

In awe..


Handsome One, Thoroughbred Horse, Age 33

of Isa Leshko’s photography. Found through Flavorpill, the series Elderly Animals is thought provoking and incredibly beautiful. I’d love to see her photographs in person, but unfortunately won’t be able to make any of her 2011 solo shows. To see more of her work and read the inspiration behind the images, stop by Isa Leshko Photography.

Photo: Isa Leshko


Photo Booth Fun

Photo booth snaps..


The Photo Booth

Photo booth

The Subjects

Photo booth



The Result


A Self Portrait

from behind the lens. Check out an interesting read on the history of the photo booth.


Girls by Pamela Hanson

Flipping through..

Girls By Pamela Hanson

Girls by Pamela Hanson

the brilliant book by photographer Pamela Hanson. Girls is definitely not new to the scene, but it quietly sits on my book shelf until I need a spark of creativity. Hit up Blushing Ambition and Knitlit for some more inspiration.

Photo: Pamela Hanson


Photo Collage

Nothing better than..

Ideas to Steal

Picture Collage, Ideas to Steal

taking tons of photographs and having them made into prints. I have so many and would love to do a little collage with all of them. I came across this postcard layout over at Ideas To Steal (which has tons of great home inspiration) and it really caught my eye. Since we are renting, I would use my Kamoi Paper masking tape so I don’t put tons of holes in the walls.

Photo: http://www.ideastosteal.com/