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Cause & Effect

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Cause & Effect Belt

Cause & Effect Belt

Deadstock Swedish Army belts, as well as ones from Billykirk and Makr. Now, if you don’t already know about them, would like to introduce you to Cause & Effect. These good-looking belts are created by one man based out of the Tennessee mountains. Billy Moore has no facebook page, no twitter, no store but does have an email address, and that’s exactly how you order this one-of-a kind accessory. The crafting process is lengthy and everything is handmade down to the buckle; so patience is virtue but definitely worth the wait. However if you need instant gratification, some inventory has been stocked at Oakleaf & Acorn and Need Supply Co. As Cause & Effect simply states, “belts, buckles and cool shit”…we concur.

Photo: Need Supply Co.