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Gift Guide Great Things

Gift Guide Great Things

our picks for the HOME as well as gifts for HERHIM, the KIDS – even FOOD LOVERS. So what to get the person who has everything? Take a look at some options from our GREAT THINGS section. Picks above 1. Custom Cut Paper Silhouette 2. Market Bag 3. Field Notebook 4. Portable Wine Glasses 5. Nepal Laptop Case 6. Nikon Flask 7. Leather Backgammon Roll 8. Linda & Harriett Calendars 9. Binoculars 10. Kiehl’s Body Scrub Soap 11. GOgroove Panda Pal 12. Slip-N-Snip Scissors 13.  Table Cutlery and Napkin Set for One Person 14. Tool Kit 15. Vintage 1970’s Minolta Camera 16. Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock

Photos: Love & Victory, Apolis,  Jim Barraud, govino, Henrik Vibskov, Third Drawer Down, Etsy, Linda & Harriett, Hindsvik, Kiehl’s, NearOffice, Gravel & Gold, Sprout Home, Areaware, Etsy, Nanda Home

Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock


Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock, $39

Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock, $39

so maybe this isn’t a “great thing” when it’s rolling around the  floor beeping at 6am, but the Clocky (by MIT graduate student Gauri Nanda) delivers on it’s promise: to get you up.  Hit “snooze” and this guy jumps off your nightstand, shelf or whatever and starts moving.  The only way to turn it off is to hunt it down.  So, you’re pretty much forced to get out of bed, which essentially defeats the reason for snoozing in the first place. There is the option to allow for a one-time snooze session and the wheels can be turned off, so it has the ability to act as your normal alarm clock; only way cooler looking. Available in other colors too, but my vote is for aqua.

Photo: Nanda Home