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Nail Polish

I’m attending..

a wedding in a few weeks and I’ve got the dress, shoes and jewelry figured out. One thing I am struggling with is nail color. It’s a month long commitment and whenever I get a manicure or pedicure I get anxiety of which color to choose. Twentyeight wears an orange shade really well, but I ALWAYS revert back to the neutral shade from Essie called Pink Glove Service. I want to try something new but just don’t know which direction to take it. Deborah Lipmann has creative and vibrant colors, Butter London has non-toxic shades and the nail art at Valley is beyond cool – but is it for me? Finding a color that is is not too bold, but not too boring is a delicate balance.. I’m hinting for help!

Photo: Beautylish


Butter London Nail Polish

Keep it natural..

Butter London

Butter London Nail Polish $14

with this beautiful shade of nail polish called pink ribbon. All of the nail products by Butter London are toxin free and come in pretty much any color you can imagine. Find a few shades over at the online shop Need Supply Co.

Photo: http://www.needsupply.com