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Guest Hunter, Maj Anya DeBear


Maj Anya DeBear

Maj Anya DeBear

Maj Anya DeBear, this week’s Guest Hunter. Maj Anya is a textile designer and artist based in New York City. She launched her line of luxe printed scarves, Ursidae, after finding out that her father was dying of cancer.  The prints are based on a series of tessellation drawings made by him in 1975, and his last wish to his family had been that they help share his designs with the public.  She considers Ursidae a family company, hence the name, which translates to ‘the family of bears’ in Latin.  All of Ursidae’s scarves are named after members of the DeBear family, or Maj Anya’s close circle of friends.

Maj Anya grew up on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, but is half Danish and spends time in Copenhagen whenever possible (she will happily give you a whole other list of favorite things for that city, if you ask nicely). She collects vintage scarves and kimonos, and hopes that her pieces will be coveted and then passed down from generation to generation, just as her father’s prints were passed on to her. As a Dane, Maj Anya’s ultimate style icon is Karen Blixen, and Maj Anya is occasionally known to don one of her scarves as a turban in an attempt to emulate her.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys board games, fantasizing about time travel and listening to music with a good string section. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT her super cool picks and some local spots we can’t wait to check out.

Photo: Maj Anya DeBear