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Cosy Lamp


Muuto & Harri Koskinen's Cosy Lamp, $200

Muuto & Harri Koskinen’s Cosy Lamp, $200

in the market for new lighting a few months back and the search was surprisingly difficult. I found some that I’m quite content with, but Muuto & Harri Koskinen’s Cosy Lamp would’ve been a hard one to resist. Made from mouth blown glass and completely understated, this piece is pretty much a work of art and sure to start some conversations.

Photo: A+R Store


Filigree Creations

It’s Christmas..

Filigree Creations

Filigree Creations

Filigree Creations

Filigree Creations

in July, well at least on Etsy. Seems a lot of the vendors are having big sales and one that caught my eye happened to be Filigree Creations. The lamps and lampshades sold at this shop are really quite special, and I haven’t seen much out there like them (not for this price anyway!) They’re made from sewing thread and water based non-toxic glue. These contemporary designs are energy-efficient and seem to give off such a lovely glow. Take a peek at all of the different designs here.

Photo: Filigree Creations