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Rk Design

Give your..


Plywood Potholders

Cutting Board

Siksakkia Cutting Board

Oven Glove

Oven Glove

kitchen a quick makeover with these potholders, oven gloves and cutting boards from Rk Design. The brand was created in 2011 by Riikka Kantinkoski, Finnish photographer and designer. And beyond kitchen accessories, there are fun things for kids and grown-ups too. How fab are these happy stickers!?!? Great for dressing up a boring bookcase or giving a little artistic edge to a plain cardboard house. See it all from Rk Design here.

Photos: Rk Design




If you haven’t already..



then it’s time to visit Yoostore. They’ve got kitchen supplies like the crafty farm chopping boards and sleek grinders. My personal favorite is the Wine-O. This genius wine rack can be stacked, used individually or hung on the wall. It is made from solid oak, and depending on your space can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Yoostore is based out of London, but with international shipping it makes it easy to bring these irresistible designs home.

Photo: Yoostore


Maple Herb Bowl with Mezzaluna Chopper

I think..

JK Adams Maple Herb Bowl with Mezzaluna Chopper, $72

JK Adams Maple Herb Bowl with Mezzaluna Chopper, $72

this bowl and mezzaluna chopper just made my life a whole lot easier, in the kitchen at least. Until a few years ago, cooking consisted of heating up veggie burgers, cutting up mangos (which I’m quite good at) and I don’t even know what else.. eating out I guess.  I now really enjoy cooking, although wouldn’t say I’m skilled, and have really struggled with how to handle herbs since spending more time in the kitchen.  This guy might be the answer. It’s from JK Adams, a Vermont company that has manufactured high quality wood products for over 60 years from North American hardwood.  The bowl is made from a 10” square of maple that’s slightly carved out. The radius of the chopper matches that of the wood to make chopping and dicing as easy as possible.  Can’t wait to test this out with some cilantro next Mexican night!

Photo: JK Adams


Heirloom Recipe Card Box

In the Kitchen…

Recipe Box

Recipe Box $125

What can I say, I’m not a cook. However I love the idea of going into this adorable heirloom recipe box, pulling out a little index card and whipping up something fabulous and tasty. I don’t think that will ever be the case, but maybe its the thought that counts?

Photo Source: Rifle Paper Co.