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Guest Hunter, Shannon Hodgson


Shannon Hodgson

Shannon Hodgson

Shannon Helen Hodgson. She lives in Soho, NYC with her 10-year-old NewYorkie Bubba. A fashion stylist with dreams of opening up her own children’s clothing & accessory boutique, including her own little ladies clothing line Juni. Shannon began as an intern at MTV House of Style, and assisted many of the top fashion stylists only to realize that she didn’t want to work with celebrities or high-end fashion magazines. She found a liking for the less dramatic fashion world of dot.com. Now as the Style Director at Ann Taylor, Shannon has time to focus on Juni & pursuing her true dreams.

Shannon is a free spirit, super cool, and one-of-a-kind, so be sure to keep on reading to get the inside scoop from this talented NYC stylist.

Bubba Jones

Shannon's Yorkie, Bubba Jones

Photos: Shannon Hodgson (Using ShakeItPhoto App)

Momiji Dolls

Hard to resist..

Momiji Doll - Danielle, Bookclub Girl $16.95

Momiji Doll - Danielle, Bookclub Girl $16.95

Momiji dolls! I was introduced to them on a recent visit to Pearl River, and couldn’t resist.  Since stumbling upon them, I’ve seem them at Kinokuniya Bookstore and a couple other places around the city.. needless to say, as I saw more dolls, my curiosity and intrigue has grown!  So after some research, I came across their site, lovemomoiji.com.

Momiji Doll - Dancing Girl

Momiji Dancing Girl Doll $16.95

Here’s the deal.. these wooden dolls come out of a small village in England.  They are inspired by friendship and kindness and little messages can be stored inside the doll. They have some core dolls and are consistently collaborating with other artists to launch collections (that are available for a limited time).. their latest collection: book club by luli bunny dolls . Pretty hard to resist, right?

Photo: http://www.lovemomiji.com/