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Linen Pouch

I keep..

Linen Pouch

Linen Pouch from Specks & Keepings

my handbag in an organized, unorganized fashion. There are many pouches within my bag and each one has a different responsibility. This linen pouch from Specks & Keepings would be perfect for holding makeup or receipts. It’s hand embroidered and no two are alike, a very pretty little thing. Now, if only it were a little easier to find my keys…

Photo: Specks & Keepings


One Language

Not just another..

One Language Label

One Language

ordinary canvas tote. I couldn’t be happier because those are pretty much all I carry these days. A company started by two sisters, One Language creates functional and effortlessly stylish cotton canvas bags. My personal favorite is the Half-N-Half, it’s perfect for the park, beach, a night out or can easily double as a diaper bag.

Photo: One Language Label


J.W. Hulme Legacy Bag

It’s summer somewhere..

J.W. Hulme Legacy Bag

J.W. Hulme Legacy Bag $410

it’s hard to think that that’s even possible, but it’s true!  IT’S SUMMER IN ARGENTINA. I’m heading down there next month to visit my sister and her family – super excited about.. I just realized how soon it’s going to be here and have been starting to think about what to pack. One given is my new J.W. Hulme bag I love the classic look – just need to get it embossed before I head south – it’s a complimentary service  they provide and such a great, simple touch!  I bought it in Buckston, but it also comes in Burnt Latigo.

Photo: Steven Alan