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Green Juice

After my beloved..

local organic market had to close its doors, I bit the bullet and made the investment in a juicer. I’ve been excited to use lots of fruits, but really wanted to explore juicing with vegetables. I have to admit I’ve been a little reluctant in experimenting beyond carrots and spinach. So I searched around to find recipes that I could try, and hopefully enjoy. Just yesterday, I tried this green cocktail recommended by Martha Stewart – which is a mix of pear, apple, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, ginger and papaya to add a little sweetness. Overall I was delighted with the taste, however I did omit the parsley, switched out papaya for mango, and probably would add a little more ginger next time. I then came across Whole Family Fare, a beautiful blog run by mom and cook, Megan-Joy.  She features many great juice combinations, and vegetarian recipes that are now on my “to try” list. Not to mention the photography is gorgeous! I’ll definitely be documenting more of my juicing endeavors soon.

Photo: threetwentyeight


Sweet Deliverance NYC

A concept..

Sweet Deliverance NYC

Sweet Deliverance NYC

I’m totally loving. New York based company, Sweet Deliverance NYC takes farm-fresh, organic ingredients and transforms them into wholesome meals that are delivered to your door. Kelly Geary, the chef and creator of Sweet Deliverance NYC has years of culinary experience and clearly a lot of passion for healthy eating and green living. The menu is created based on what’s available and the food is prepared using fresh veggies, fruits, farmstead cheeses, grass-fed meat, and pastured eggs. In addition, they’ll work around special dietary needs and all home-cooked deliveries are packaged in corn-based, compostable containers. Oh, and their kitchen is powered by wind energy. Does it get any cooler?

Photo: Sweet Deliverance NYC