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Holiday 2011, continued

Get crafty..

Holiday 2011

Holiday 2011

when decorating your space, wrapping gifts or just making things a bit festive. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few items because there are so many options. Like Megan said, I can’t believe the holidays are upon us again, but it is fun to get in the spirit. Picks above are (starting with top left going across) 1. Catbird Campfire Candle 2. Feather Ornaments 3. Merry Christmas Garland & Card 4. Woodland Animal Finger Puppet Ornaments  5. Polka Wrapping Paper 6. Japanese Paper Balloon Decoration Set 7. Rifle Paper Gift Tags 8. Washi Masking Tape 9. Felted Acorn Wreath

Check back tomorrow for our Home Gift Guide and more to come all week!

Photos: Catbird, Old Faithful Shop, Upon A Fold, Uncommon Goods, Love Mae, Uguisu, Mercier Beaucoup, Kate’s Paperie, Honey Canada