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Hansel from Basel

It kind of goes without saying..

Hansel from Basel Kneepad Tights

Hansel from Basel Kneepad Tights

that kneepad tights are right up there with elbow patch sweaters. There is no shortage of choices for hosiery this season, but Hansel from Basel is definitely one of my favorites. They’ve got a great assortment of socks, tights, leggings and bags (how great is this zigzag tote?). The Haus Haus Knee Hi ‘s would go perfectly with a pair of Keller boots, and these tights are a simple staple that should be in every girls wardrobe!

Photo: Anaise


Epaulet Cardigan

I have a crush on..

Epaulet Sweater

High Neck Superfine Merino Cardigan $240

elbow patches. I’m instantly drawn to anything with them, sweaters, shirts, coats. I came across this men’s high neck superfine merino cardigan at Epaulet, a clothing boutique in Brooklyn. The cardigan fits slim, not skinny and is knit in Italy with 100% virgin merino wool from Australia. A nod to the days of Perry Como but with a modern twist.

Photo: http://www.Epaulet.com