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Guest Hunter, Ami Pak


Guest Hunter, Ami Pak

Guest Hunter, Ami Pak

absolutely adorable Guest Hunter, Ami Pak. Ami was born in South Korea, raised in Minneapolis, went to college in Northern Ohio and Southern California, and now resides in Brooklyn. The fact that she’s lived all over the world explains her strong sense of individuality. I mean, the girl grew up composting and gardening vegetables in her backyard with her parents and 4 siblings (she has a brother and 3 sisters). Now if that’s not badass, I don’t know what is. She’s got style, creativity and smarts. A pretty amazing combination which can be seen in her hobbies; like printmaking, making kimchi, her obsession with design collectives, and emerging fashion. Ami is currently a Senior Program Manager at frog Design and has worked at a bunch of other reputable companies such as luckymag.com, HBO.com, MTV.com, Razorfish, and Dreamworks Records. In addition to her work and her hobbies, she’s always down for good comedy, adores her nieces and nephews, loves her friends, and feels fortunate to be living in the “Golden Age of Brooklyn”.

We’re lucky to get the inside scoop from this talented lady, so click here to keep on reading – you’re going to be cooler for doing it. Guaranteed.

Photo: Thimali Kodikara