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Nerikomi Chopstick Rests

Japanese company..

Nerikomi Chopstick Rests, $35

Nerikomi Chopstick Rests, $35

Motley makes these very cool Nerikomi Chopstick Rests. It seems like everything the brand produces are pieces of art and these Chopstick Rests are no exception. They’re handmade from clay and finished in a clear glaze. Available at Ashes & Milk, an online gallery that carries a solid selection of handmade pieces that are simple and clean in design. An ideal spot for lovely gifts you won’t find everywhere.

Photo: Ashes & Milk


Lux Bowls


Lux Bowls, $35-$125 (ea)

Lux Bowls, $35-$125 (ea)

blown away by Vermont sculptor, Cristina Salusti’s handcrafted  Lux Bowls.  They are available at 603 Here & There, an online gift shop that recently launched and carries a highly edited selection of new and interesting items from true artists, artisans and designers. Everything in the shop’s collection is thoughtfully made and these clay bowls are no exception. The process is quite extensive, very impressive and rather complicated; the result is a stunning object that’s almost too special to use (but you can, they are all food-safe and watertight).  Clay, stone fragments from Salusti’s sculptures and a 22-karat gold luster interior make these unique, special and something to cherish for years to come.

Photo: 603 Here & There


Sid Mashburn Beaded Necklace

A necklace..

Sid Mashburn African Beaded Necklace

Blue Glass Beaded Necklace

Sid Mashburn African Beaded Necklace

Multi Colored Beaded Necklace

Sid Mashburn African Beaded Necklace

Polka Dot Beaded Necklace

for him, that she can also borrow. The Sid Mashburn African beaded necklace would make a subtle statement peeking out from under a shirt. The necklaces are all 26″ inches in length and are made with tiny, small, medium or large clay beads. A casual accessory that pairs perfectly with the always favorite jeans, t-shirt and sneakers uniform. We’ve talked about Sid Mashburn here before, and I just can’t seem to get enough of what he’s doing. If you haven’t already, his shop is one place you’ll want to visit.

Photo: Sid Mashburn