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Guest Hunter, Nat Duncan

A self-described..

Guest Hunter, Nat Duncan

Guest Hunter, Nat Duncan

“serial entrepreneur”, and this week’s Guest Hunter, Nat Duncan. This dynamic mother of two teenage kids left teaching 7 years ago to run a film locations company in Brisbane, Qld, Australia. Since then, she sees everything with new eyes and recently launched her latest project Precinkt. The company was started when Nat realized how much she adores her neighborhood, the inner suburb of West End. With all of the conveniences – the best coffee, delicious food, amazing people watching, fantastic shopping, and a great place to explore, there’s no reason to leave. She then came to the realization that the whole world is made up of these little “precinkts” and why not create a place to highlight all of these wonderful little spots. Precinkt’s all about images and will be built by contributors from all over the world – people with passion and a great eye. Currently, it features only Australian precinkts but in April 2012 she’s heading to New York and looking to expand. Get ready!

This very cool, very driven woman has found that her specific skills with location scouting, precinkt.com research, working with young entrepreneurs and surrounding herself with curious people have enabled her to have an eye for the upcoming, the new, the cool and the quirky. For threetwentyeight, she shares some of her favorite Australian products. Items with superb quality, a strong ethos and of course so identifiable with the psyche there. As Nat puts it “we are a long way from everyone else on this planet – so it’s allowed us to really celebrate our unique personality. Our economy is super strong at the moment compared to many countries in the world and this has only enhanced our in-your-face pride and lust for life”.

So click here to check out this inspiring lady’s picks from Down Under and get ready to share your precinkt on Precinkt!

Photo: Nat Duncan


Guest Hunter, Nell Dodge


Guest Hunter, Nell Dodge
Guest Hunter, Nell Dodge

Nell Dodge, our first Guest Hunter!  Nell’s called New York City home since 2002 and has worked in the design industry for a number of years. Most recently as Director of International Sales for a modern home design company based  in New York.   She decided to take a little break from the city and left last October to spend the earlier part of 2011 exploring Southeast Asia and is now temporarily based in Sydney, Australia.. taking a further peek into what’s out there in the world.  At home, and on the road, she enjoys exploring local wonders, delights and libations (by foot or bicycle when possible).  Her Francophile tendencies mean you can usually spot her in stripes.

Nell went to Melbourne (proper pronunciation: “Mel-bun”) for a long weekend and was so crazy about the city, she booked another couple days back in Sydney’s rival a few weeks later.  The two cities give off totally different vibes and with any luck she’ll be back in Melbourne again.

Click here to read more about Nell and discover some of her favourites from the very hip but strangely unpretentious Fitzroy district in Melbourne.