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Chiefs Energizing Face Wash

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Chiefs Face Wash

Chiefs Energizing Face Wash

Oakleaf and Acorn for introducing me to Chiefs energizing face wash for men. A blend of ginseng, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary, that according to the owner Will Evans, “wakes you up.” Although I’m the one in the relationship who has trouble dragging my ass out of bed in the morning, I think Nick would be happy to try this invigorating gel. No outrageous prices, all natural ingredients AND free shipping, you’ve got my vote.

Photo: Chiefs


Butter London Nail Polish

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Butter London

Butter London Nail Polish $14

with this beautiful shade of nail polish called pink ribbon. All of the nail products by Butter London are toxin free and come in pretty much any color you can imagine. Find a few shades over at the online shop Need Supply Co.

Photo: http://www.needsupply.com


Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

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Chanel Rouge Allure

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick $32

red lipstick. With winter in full swing, it’s kind of easy to just feel blah.  Whenever I get like this, I think about doing something drastic – like chopping off my hair. After a lot of internal dialogue, my left brain is able to talk my right side down and I settle on doing something with way less long-term consequences.. like darkening my hair or something.  BUT these days I am not even totally sold on doing that so lipstick has been just the trick! I tend to dress very casually.. jeans/black skinny pants, tee shirt and cardigan or something like that and lots of black – so it adds a little color and is a great way to update your look without any major regret. My pick is Rouge Allure in Passion from Chanel.

Refinery29 Red LipstickPhotos: Chanel (top); Refinery29 (bottom)