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ManiaMania THE SOURCE Bangle, $360

ManiaMania THE SOURCE Bangle, $360

that’s available for preorder and one to get on asap.  THE SOURCE Bangle is another smart creation from the talented duo, Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis, the team behind Australian accessories label ManiaMania. Not only does it look cool (it’s got a double tusk-shaped Fossil stone that’s set in a bangle with an adjoining chain), this bangle does good. According to the site, Fossil stone is known for having a calming, soothing energy. It’s also promotes communication, helps to motivate, inspires creativity, and helps to give direction and the stamina needed to get things done. The perfect accessory and might even help me accomplish pretty much everything I set out to do in 2012.

Photo: ManiaMania