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Milo Makes

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Milo Makes


Milo Makes, a new collection from Emma who writes the chic blog My Little Nutmegs. Each ceramic piece is carefully thrifted then adorned with lovely doodles, which are inspired by her Caribbean childhood and love of the circus & animals. Although most of the items sold are only for decorative use (with a few exceptions) it’s easy to get crafty on how to use the plates, bowls, egg cups, mugs and more. Go check out the rest of the wonderful and expanding line here.



Photos: Milo Makes


Folkmanis Puppets

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Chimp Puppet

Chimp Puppet

Quack the duck, then Hoss the rabbit, and now its Owlet the puppet (aka hootie) that never leaves my little girls side. These hand puppets by Folkmanis are pretty amazing characters. Started by a mom and pop 31 years ago, they have grown to become the leading manufacturer of plush puppets worldwide. The designs are really life like and are available in just about every animal imaginable. They’re educational in the way that they teach kids the different species of wild life, and even better they spark creativity. However, in Leni’s case they’re most useful for cuddling.


Owlet (aka Hootie) the puppet

Photos: Folkmanis, threetwentyeight


Wild Alphabet Pop-Up Book


wild alphabet

Wild Alphabet, An A to Zoo Pop-Up Book

perfection. To me, the best gift for a child is a book. A dear friend recently gave the Wild Alphabet book to my daughter for her first birthday, and I’ve been stuck on it ever since. The illustrations are brilliant, and each animal is engaging as it literally pops off the page – getting her ready for an upcoming visit to the Bronx Zoo!



Photos: Amazon



Isa Leshko Photography

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Handsome One, Thoroughbred Horse, Age 33

of Isa Leshko’s photography. Found through Flavorpill, the series Elderly Animals is thought provoking and incredibly beautiful. I’d love to see her photographs in person, but unfortunately won’t be able to make any of her 2011 solo shows. To see more of her work and read the inspiration behind the images, stop by Isa Leshko Photography.

Photo: Isa Leshko


Happy Gloves

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Recycled Glove How-to: Make a Chipmunk Softie

Recycled Glove How-to: Make a Chipmunk Softie

weekend activity (if you’re under the age of 13), perhaps? I first saw this on pinterest, and while I most likely will not be creating any little critters over the next few days, I do think they are super cute and a fun project to keep in mind as my nieces and nephews get older. Miyako Kanamori is the creator and wrote the book Happy Gloves: Charming Softy Friends Made from Colorful Gloves to provide step-by-step instructions on how to do-it-yourself.  Kanamori doesn’t stop at chipmunks though – so order the book to learn how to make a ton of other recycled animals like elephants, donkeys and more.

Photo: Etsy