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Terracotta Hanging Ceramic Pinch Pot

In the early days..

Terracotta Hanging Ceramic Pinch Pot

we wrote about the hanging air plant and once again Mudpuppy brings more gems like the Terracotta Hanging Ceramic Pinch Pot. This little beauty is handmade in Denver, Colorado and is sure to liven up any room. It also currently comes with the air plant, great bonus!

Photo: Mudpuppy


Hanging Air Plant Pod

Intrigued by..

hanging air plant pod

Hanging Air Plant Pod $32

this hanging air plant pod. These special stoneware clay pods, designed by Mudpuppy, are made to hold air plants (Tillandsia). I love filling my apartment with plants and flowers, and adding one or a bunch of these to the mix brings such an interesting vibe.

Photo: Michael McDowell @ Mudpuppy