Guest Hunters, Kait Vasquez & Chelsea Carson

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Kait Vasquez & Chelsea Carson

Kait Vasquez & Chelsea Carson

Guest Hunter post of 2012. To start things off right, we’re introducing two beauties, Kait Vasquez and Chelsea Carson. This sassy duo founded the lingerie line RELIQUE which they started last year by making hand dyed pieces. The emphasis of the line is to make lingerie a part of an outfit, rather than being hidden underneath. But what began as a small etsy shop, is quickly transitioning into something greater. RELIQUE,is currently an international collaboration as Chelsea is living in Milan, Italy studying pattern making, and Kait is now calling Brooklyn home, while working her way up the corporate ranks in NYC.

Chelsea brings us a smart assortment she has come across in her travels, and Kait’s refreshing down-to-earth vibe surely comes across in her picks. We’re liking what they’ve got to share, so keep reading for more from this pair.


Kait: Pure Beech sateen sheets

Pure Beech Sateen Sheets

Pure Beech Sateen Sheets

…they’ve changed my life.

Chelsea: Mercatone dell’Antiquariato (Naviglio Antique Market)


Naviglio Antique Market

This market happens the last Sunday of every month and is incredible! You can find just about anything here, and they have some very unique stuff for the home. If you happen to miss the last Sunday on a trip to Milan, there are plenty of vintage shops along this same river that are open all month.

— Alzaia Naviglio Grande btw. Via Valenza and Viale Gorizia


Kait: Nars cream blush in Penny Lane.

Nars Cream Blush in Penny Lane

Nars Cream Blush in Penny Lane

I love it because it’s easy, but adds a lot. It can be used on cheeks, eyes, lips. All you need is that and mascara.

Chelsea: Porselli Ballerinas

Porsellis Ballerinas

Porselli Ballerinas

I’m not a huge fan of ballerina flats, but these have changed my mind. They have been supplying La Scala’s ballerinas and its dance school with flats for years. Recently they colab-ed with Collection Privee (above photo) and A.P.C. making their flats more street for us non-nibble folks.

— Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 1


Chelsea: Dictionary



I stumbled upon this store one day when i was out shopping with friends, and fell in love. They have a great selection of men’s clothes from all over the globe, and pride themselves in carrying unique brands you’ve never heard of. Check it out if you’re in town (psst! they have women’s too!)

–Corso di Porta Ticinese, 46


Kait: Fjallraven mini backpack

Kids Fjall Raven Backpack

Kids' Fjall Raven Backpack

It’s SUPER cute and great for carrying kids toys, books, snacks, etc. It’s easy for them to handle on their own, and there are so many colors each kid can pick which ones they love!! Perfect for school days, AND you can look just like mom 🙂

Chelsea: Superga Sneakers

Superga Sneakers

Superga Sneakers

Every time i go into a Superga shop, or a store carrying Superga’s, i always some how manage to gravitate towards the baby and kids shoes. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to put those silver lame cuties on a little one’s feet?!

–Corso Buenos Aires, 86 @ Via Caretta


Kait: The Bone Marrow appetizer at Quality Meats

Bone Marrow Appetizer at Quality Meats

Bone Marrow Appetizer at Quality Meats

It was new to me, but I have never tasted anything like it in my whole life…just so delicious.

Chelsea: Aperitivo



A major part of the Italian lifestyle is aperitivo, the social gatherings at bars after work and before dinner. Sounds like happy hour right?? Well here you pay for one drink and have access to different foods set out by the bar. Not just meats and cheese, but also sushi, pastas, and panini’s. For a more casual aperitivo I recommend Mom Cafe, Frida’s, or Morgan’s. For a fancier aperitivo I’d go with Roialto (huge selection of food including a meat carving station) or Radetsky.

— Mom Cafe (Viale Montenero, 51), Frida’s (Via Pollaiulo,3), Morgan’s (Via Francesco Novati, 2), Roialto (Via Piero della Francesca, 55), Radetzky (Largo la Foppa, 5)


Kait: Equinox



They have 50+ locations all over the country, offer the best group fitness, personal training, full service spa and unparalleled service. Not to mention they’ve got Kiehls in every locker room, and cold eucalyptus towels. Just the best of the best really, and if you have the money it’s a no brainer.

Chelsea: Zero Milano

Zero Milano

Zero Milano

This thing is like my social bible! It’s a booklet that comes out twice a month, is free, and available in various shops, restaurants, clubs, and galleries. In them you’ll find the first 15 or last 15 days of each month broken down by day and into 3 sections; music, culture, and night. The rest of the book has more info on the previous 3 sections, and also includes aperitivo, restaurants, and whats going on in the rest of Italia! Most weekends are planned around these booklets.

Photos: Instagram, Hipstamatic, Milan Hostel Brasil, Nars Cosmetics, Garance Dore, Matteo Rancilio, Fjall Raven, Superga, Anyway Around, Roialto, Equinox, Chelsea Carson

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