Guest Hunter, Robin Scholle

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Robin Scholle

Robin Scholle

west coast we’re bringing you this weeks Guest Hunter, Robin Scholle. After living in NYC for many years, Robin has now settled in San Fransisco with her husband, their dog and 2 cats. She enjoys good coffee, art, music and all things natural. She studied photography and design (and lucky for her, she is very talented at both). She’s genuine, funny and is just someone you always want to be around. Not to mention she’s got killer style and is one of my dearest friends!

So, from tasty treats to Bay Area gems, this beautiful lady has some real good stuff to share. So be sure to keep reading..


On a little drive north of San Francisco off highway 1 is a quaint little town called Point Reyes. Known for cheese and oysters (Tomales Bay and Hog Island nearby), a small bedding and bath company called Coyuchi is hidden quietly in the mix. Apparently they’ve been around for 20 years, a forerunner for environmentally friendly material and socially responsible manufacturing, I immediately fell in love with this brand and their soft and 100% certified organic fabric.  If you happen to be near Point Reyes, I highly recommend checking out their outlet store for an amazing selection of discounted stock.


Coyuchi Bedding & Bath

Coyuchi Sheets

Coyuchi Sheets

Super soft and comfy Mini Stripe Cotton & Linen Sheets.

I am obsessed with beautiful pottery particularly mid-century style. I love the craft and secretly hope to live the life of a potter one day. For now, I fill my home with pieces I adore, even for everyday use in the kitchen. Heath Ceramics still creates their handmade one of a kind pieces in their Sausalito factory they’ve used for 65 years. Sara Paloma, a Northern California potter I admire, and who I religiously shop from time to time. She creates with elegance and simplicity.

Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics

Heath’s rim line tableware in opaque white for everyday use.

Sarah Paloma

Slate and Emerald Stoneware Vase

Sara Paloma’s large Slate and Emerald Stoneware Vase.


A few local women designers tend to impress me like Erica Tanov. Her delicately thoughtful style is not only incredibly comfortable, but equally well made and adorable. A walk inside her stores evoke subtle sophistication blended with an earthy and romantic femininity.

Erica Tanov

Erica Tanov

Cotton knit chemise made in San Francisco of 100% Japanese cotton.

For the senses, In Fiore infuses raw floral ingredients in an all-natural beauty line (love the very feminine rose noir parfums solide). All the products they feature have their own unique qualities yet are minimal, pure and highly potent and unforgettable (the way a beauty line should be).

In Fiore

In Fiore Parfums

In Fiore parfums solides in 10 sensual scents in a beautifully designed case.


Pladra. I love this brand. It is a perfect analogy of how a man should look and feel. Rugged yet extremely soft flannels with a touch of wild inside. For men that love nature.

Pladra Shirt

Pladra Shirt

Pladra Men’s Sunset Blue with night owls made in San Francisco.


I don’t have kids, but if I did this is the first thing I would get…

Fern & Feather

Fern & Feather

Fern & Feather Elephant

Fern & Feather Elephant

Made with vintage fabric and a lot of love by Fern and Feather and sold here.


Chocolate, coffee and olive oil are my weakness—and here are a few of my favorites:

hookers treats

SeaSalted Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels

Yum! Hookers Hand-cut and Hand-dipped SeaSalted Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels.

Mcevoy Ranch Olive Oil

McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil

McEvoy Ranch cold pressed organic olive oils. A Fresh delicate light flavor—drizzle alone on bread or over salads with your favorite balsamic. Their body products are luscious as well!


A whole new line of sustainable and vegan made shoes by Jeffrey Campbell and Berkley based Convert— finally. I like the studded flats in black or red.

Jeffrey Campbell Studded Flats in Black

Jeffrey Campbell Studded Flats

Available only through Convert style, martini black or red studded flats.

Berlin based jewelery designer, Stephanie Schneider, makes gorgeous things. Basically beautiful wearable works of art blended with a mixture of delicate materials.

Stephanie Schneider Jewelry

Stephanie Schneider Jewelry

Her jewelry is hard to find, but here are few pretty samplings at one of my fave SF stores.

Photos: Michael Jennings, Coyuchi, Heath Ceramics, Sara Paloma, Erica Tanov, In Fiore, Pladra, Reverie Daydream, Hooker’s Sweet Treats, McEvoy Ranch, Convert, Stephanie Schneider

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