Guest Hunter, Meg Moorhouse

We’ve got..

Meg Moorehouse

Meg Moorhouse

jewelry designer and clever mama to one cute kid, Meg Moorhouse, as our guest hunter for the week. After working with artists at Dieu Donne and designing for the handbag label M Z WALLACE, Meg founded Love & Victory (a favorite here at threetwentyeight). She creates covetable goods like the Cut Paper Silhouette, Custom Baby Name Rings and the super cool Ours Decanter Set.

Meg’s got some impressive picks & great wisdom to share, which we’re excited to pass on!



This summer I’m trying to keep it simple, not to sweat the small stuff – which when you have a 15 month old, there is a LOT of – literally and figuratively. It’s all about an old-fashioned summer, the kind I remember having as a kid, with sprinklers and watermelon juice up to my elbows. We’re enjoying Prospect Park, frolicking and getting sandy between design jobs and packing orders.


Garlic Scape Pesto

Garlic Scape Pesto

Nothing makes me happier than CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) season. Each Spring, we pay for a share, and every Saturday from June to October, we pick up our veggies, milk, eggs, and fruit that the farmers from upstate have dropped off for us. It’s fun to figure out how to cook vegetables you might never buy at the store, and it feels great to eat locally, in-season, and to teach our kid to eat responsibly.

This week, I made a crazy easy Garlic Scape Pesto with scapes, almonds, parmigiano, lemon, olive oil, and salt.

Bonus: our CSA has now hooked up with one of my favorite coffee shops, Southside, to offer composting, so our scraps will help beautify the Gowanus Canal.


Revlon Fire & Ice Lipstick

Revlon Fire & Ice Lipstick

Red lips rule. I love reds with a little pop to it to brighten up my olive-y complexion. Every time I wear this one, my babysitter says, “You should ALWAYS wear lipstick”. Needless to say, I’m stockpiling it. The color is a classic that’s been around since 1952, so I’m hoping it’ll stick around.

Ballerina Dress

50's Silhouette Ballerina Dress

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Land’s End. But CANVAS, their younger, wannabe J.Crew line. You know when you put a dress on and you instantly feel pretty? This is it. A fantastic 50’s silhouette: nipped at the waist, super full skirt, not too short. I’m partial to mine with a pair of beat up white Chuck Taylors and a denim jacket or some patent leather oxfords.


Tomcats Barbershop

Tomcat's Barbershop

A great close-cropped, old-fashioned haircut from Tomcat’s Barbershop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn will keep you cool. Joey’ll give you the most rockin’ pompadour in town.

Birdwell Beach Britches

Birdwell Beach Britches

My husband remembered wearing “Birdies” as a child, so we hunted them down. Their site needs a major overhaul, but the suits are well-made and come in awesome colors. And the length is great – short, but not too short. Above is an image from a vintage catalog of Birdwell Beach Britches.




Nothing says summer like an icy, fruity popsicle. I remember having the Tupperware popsicle mold when I was a kid, so I got one to try out with my daughter. She loves strawberries and anything tart, so I thought this Strawberry Lemonade recipe would be a hit. I will probably omit some of the sugar.

Saltwater Sandals

Saltwater Sandals

Dressing kids in adorable clothes is pretty darn fun, I must admit, especially with a daughter. But after several adorable pairs of shoes that just didn’t work – falling off, stiff, etc., I came to the realization that it’s best to buy one pair of great shoes that work for everything. Saltwater Sandals are absolutely them. It seems that every girl in Brooklyn has a pair. They can go from puddles to sandbox to dress-up and come in tons of cute colors. Proof that my daughter loves them…


Rachel's Pies

Rachel's Pies

Nothing says summer like a good, old-fashioned pie. My friend, Rachel of Rachel’s Pies has been making pie with her grandma since she was a kid. It is literally the best I’ve ever had, and now she’s selling it to New Yorkers through her website and at the Fort Greene Flea. Get some.

Photos: Dorie Greenspan, Into The Gloss, Land’s End Canvas, Tomcat’s Barbershop, Birdwell Beach Britches, Pass the Sushi, Meg Moorhouse, Rachel’s Pies


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