Guest Hunter, Archna Patel


Archna Patel

Archna Patel

savvy entrepreneur, Archna Patel. She owns parasols boutique, which is a darling online shop that carries a wonderful assortment of apparel and toys. Archna lives in Southern California, and is also the co-owner & designer of the little hummingbird, a beautiful line of clothing for girls ages 2 to 8.

the little hummingbird

the little hummingbird

Archna also loves music and even dabbles a bit in singing. We are delighted to have her as this week’s Guest Hunter, and inspired by what she has to share with us – and we’re sure you will be too…



Bookshelf via Apartment Therapy

A bookstore in the French Quarter in New Orleans

A bookstore in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Books in Trees

Books in Trees by Brooke Holm

READ Bookshelf

R.E.A.D. Bookshelf in Nordiska Kompaniet

I love reading, and love books. I have always wanted a home with a proper library and bookshelves from ceiling to floor. It was a sad day when e-readers came out, but I still read paper books. I love the feel, the smell, the comfort in them – can’t imagine not having them. 

Chunky Knit Throws

Chunky Knit Throws

Very fond of throws – wool or cotton.  My favorites are those that are chunky knitted and yellow or ivory. 



Both indoors and outdoors swings are one of my favorite things.

Knitted Throw Rug Pillows

Knitted Throw Rug Pillows

Love love these souled objects knitted throw rug pillows.


Melissa Joy Manning Ring

Melissa Joy Manning Ring

I enjoy flowy, girly dresses – short or long. A few of my other favorites are fingerless gloves, scarves and almost anything made with embroidered eyelet fabric, ribbon belts and pockets. I love rings…been window shopping this yellow sapphire one from Melissa Joy Manning for awhile. I like that the stones in her pieces are not cut, and are very simply set. They have a beautiful vintage, keepsake feel that you could never get bored or tired of. 


Big Pilot's Watch

Big Pilot's Watch

I think watches make a lovely accessory for men…


Jess Brown Dolls

Jess Brown Dolls

  I wish I had a handmade Jess Brown Doll as a little girl.

Babiekins Magazine

Babiekins Magazine

Babiekins is a great online kids magazine for inspiration and beautiful photography.


Yummy Year Project

Mushroom + Barley + Brown Rice Pilaf

Pomegranate Ginger Drink

Ginger + Pomegranate + Citrus Cocktail

My friend and business partner in the little hummingbird, Olivia Lin, has a side project called The Yummy Year Project. She has been spending a year making and posting delicious vegan recipes for a good cause. I was telling her recently how I will eat almost anything that has mushrooms, garlic, ginger, pomegranate, passion fruit and almonds…. So she posted a dish and cocktail that I can’t wait to try. The only thing missing is the passion fruit.


James Blake - Case of You

James Blake - Case of You

At the moment, I can’t stop listening to James Blake’s cover of Joni Mitchell’s Case of You.

Photos: Unknown, Archna Patel, Bethany Nauert via Apartment Therapymatinthehatt Brooke Holm, Kim Yokota, West Elm, Old Chum, Souled Objects, Melissa Joy Manning, IWC  found via Anchor Division, Parasols Boutique, Gretchen Easton via Babiekins, Olivia Lin, James Blake Music

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