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The chill..

is not exactly in the air this week, but fall is in full swing and soon one of these awesome Chamula scarves will come in handy.

Photos: The Woodlands

Darling Clementine (is turning 1!)


to the irresistible shop Darling Clementine on their 1 year anniversary. And lucky for us (and you too) they are celebrating with a huge giveaway – so be sure to click HERE for all of the details. After you’ve entered to win some incredible goodies, head over to Darling Clementine for a 10% off treat through November 9th (using code dcturns1). Fingers crossed!


When a trio..

of talented artists get together, amazing things develop. Jennifer Fiore, Nina Lalli and Signe Yberg meet up weekly to create a beautiful collection of ceramics called Mondays. I want every one of these lovely pieces to call my own, but I also think they’d make pretty fabulous gifts as well. Find the full assortment of one-of-a kind bowls, cups, planters, platters & beyond here.

Photos: Mondays


Composting Guide

Finally going..

to start composting. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but the time is finally right. Inspired by my mom (I remember her composting when we were young), Megan’s folks, and just trying to do my part to make our home more environmentally friendly. Mrs. Meyers has an awesome guide to composting that I’ll be referencing, and will definitely be checking back with the successes and fails I encounter along the way.

Image: Mrs. Meyers


What to Knit When You’re Expecting

It’s a must..

to check out the recently launched book, What to Knit When You’re Expecting. Not just because the author happens to be a friend, or her daughter (who sports the most adorable knitted creations made by her mama) is Leni’s bud, but more so because the 28 patterns featured in the book are all very practical. It’s a smart and lovely collection of booties, hats, sweaters, blankets, and more that are all relatively simple to create. Congrats Nikki!

Photos: Carol Kearns


House of Maryanne

Thanks to..

Fancy Fine for the introduction of this vintage collection that has me drooling. But it’s not just the beautiful clothing from House of Maryanne that made me stop in my tracks, it’s also the photographs by Lauren Bamford that are simply stunning. Check out the House of Maryanne facebook page to purchase pieces – it’s definitely worth a like!

Photo: Lauren Bamford


General Store


this quiet evening (finally!) and the General Store has got some great finds for the ladies: boots/bag/bracelets


Apple Chips

This one..

is for the cooking novice like myself. An incredibly easy recipe found while flipping through the most recent issue of Whole Living. My child is a very picky eater so I have to use some trickery when offering up healthy snacks – however she does surprisingly loves these. But it’s the perfect time of year to make Apple Chips, since fall is apple picking season (find a great resource here).

It’s better to use sweeter apples (I prefer honey crisps), but all you need to do is slice the apples of your choice crosswise 1/8 inch thick and remove the seeds. From there you simply heat the oven to 225 degrees, and bake them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper for 1 1/2 hours. Flip the chips then continue baking for about another hour until crisp. Such a tasty and simple snack!

Photo: threetwentyeight


Posters & Prints for Kids

It’s fun..

dressing up a kid’s room (before they are opposed to what YOU want). For me, keeping it kid like without going overboard is the way to go. Mimi’s circus has some new posters that will add a bit of whimsy while still keeping it in check.

Photos: Mimi’s Circus


Yes, Deer Tie

It’s no secret..

that we love The Knottery, so it goes without saying that we are quite fond of this deer tie. It’s a limited edition release over at another one of our favorites, Of A Kind. What guy (or girl for that matter) wouldn’t look simply adorable in one of these?

Photo: Of A Kind