Guest Hunter, Olivia Lin

This week..

Olivia Lin

Olivia Lin

we have Olivia Lin as our Guest Hunter. She’s co-owner and designer of The Little Hummingbird (check out the other half here), is a vegan blogger and also USA Director of Food4Africa.  She loves all animals, but especially her 3 furry family members Lucciano, Valentine + Bernard.  Olivia enjoys music, a good dance party and So You Think You Can Dance! She has a fondness for gifts + things that keep on giving, products created by independent artists + designers, and like a true California girl.. flip-flops.  The Yummy Year Project, which happens to be one of our daily reads, is Olivia’s blog where she cooks, bakes and tries out different recipes all for a great cause. Even with a lot going on, this kind soul finds time to give back. So you’ll definitely want to KEEP READING to see more of Olivia’s creativity and philanthropy, which is something to be admired.

Photo: Bao Vang

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