Guest Hunter, Mimi Tsang


Guest Hunter, Mimi Tsang

Guest Hunter, Mimi Tsang

and owner of hello shiso, Mimi Tsang is this week’s Guest Hunter, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  Mimi spent a number of years in New York before heading to Berkeley, CA where she lives with her husband and their 2 kids  – Otis (7) and Bee (4). She finds Berkeley fashion to be “very comfy”, New York “great’ and Tokyo “one of the best cities around – everyone puts so much effort into their looks, even if it’s a messy and tousled look”. Clearly she’s all about individuality and fashion as a form of expression (something we admire!).

So from her not-to-be-missed line (which currently is about hair accessories for girls, but the plan is to add gender-neutral bibs and bags for kids) to her eye for all things cool, Mimi’s not one to miss. KEEP ON READING!

Photo: Mimi Tsang


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