Guest Hunter, Kellie Kalvig

A lady..

Guest Hunter, Kellie Kalvig

Guest Hunter, Kellie Kalvig

by the name of Kellie Kalvig is this week’s Guest Hunter.  Kellie grew up in the Pacific Northwest and is currently happily living in Brooklyn.  She works as a Freelance Art Director so she’s had the luxury of living in some amazing places like San Francisco and Sydney. She’s a self proclaimed “foodie, water lover and deal finder”.  Not to mention, Kellie’s one of those people who is hard to keep track of because she’s always jetting off somewhere.  Day trips, road trips, big trips, you name it, she’s down.

Kellie’s picks were inspired by her love of travel and some of the amazing places she’s been fortunate enough to visit. With her awesome eye, amazing sense of creativity and fun personality, it’s no surprise, her choices are pretty darn badass. So KEEP READING to check out what this worldly lady’s got to say!

Photo: Kellie Kalvig



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