Guest Hunter, Jristian Cruz Limsico

All things..

Jristian Cruz Limsico

Jristian Cruz Limsico

straight out of Amsterdam brought to you by our Guest Hunter, Jristian Cruz Limsico. He’s Manila born, Australian raised, creative and relaxed (unless if aggravated!). He lives in Amsterdam with his partner and his much-loved dog Atilla. Jristian loves wandering around the world, and enjoys a can of cold coconut juice. I worked alongside Jristian many years ago, and he is a true talent, understated cool and just an overall fun person to be around. He has personally snapped these lovely photographs to share with us some of the gems he has uncovered in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. So, if visiting here is on your to do list, or even if you just want the inside track from a resourceful local, you’ll want to CONTINUE READING and keep this list handy.

Photo: Samuel Hodge



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