Guest Hunter, Louisa Eckersley

After living..

Guest Hunter, Louisa Eckersley

Guest Hunter, Louisa Eckersley

in Venice Beach for 5 years, this week’s Guest Hunter, Louisa Eckersley, her husband and their little girl moved to a new home in West Los Angeles. With the recent move, Louisa has been busy finding furniture and art.  That’s lucky for us; she’s got a fantastic eye and an extensive list. (Something which just makes sense when you realize her husband is an artist and Louisa has a jewelry business.) Her company, Torchlight Jewelry, specializes in crystal necklaces and silver bracelets – all of which are really wearable, provide great energy and pretty much the perfect way to add edge and individuality to the everyday.

Ella is now almost 1 and it’s very apparent she and her husband are busy parenting, making the most of their time with their daughter and having a lot of fun along the way. When she’s not busy with her daughter, working or sourcing furniture, Louisa loves spending time outdoors (she’s counting down the days until Ella can come along camping), cooking, traveling, and making the trip to Santa Barbara to visit with friends and family. She’s an inspiring lady with a lot of style and ton to share. It’s hard to do her justice in a couple paragraphs, so KEEP ON READING to figure it out for yourself!

Photo: Louisa Eckersley


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