Darling Clementine


Darling Clementine

Darling Clementine

a Brooklyn company that specializes in smaller, local designers, many of the brands sold at Darling Clementine are near and dear to our hearts here at threetwentyeight. The company’s founder started the boutique after finding special items for her daughter that were too sweet to keep to themselves.  In addition to carrying lots of local talent, the shop sells special finds from around the world. Regardless of if sourced from near or far, all items are selected not only for the product itself but for the brand’s view toward the environment, community and humanity.  The very (and carefully) curated assortment consists of an ever evolving collection of playthings, books, skincare, home care, décor, and clothing for little ones. Yep, darling pretty much sums it up.

Darling Clementine

Darling Clementine

Darling Clementine

Darling Clementine

Photos: Darling Clementine


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