Goosie Cards


Goosie Cards

Goosie Cards

are a great way to get inspired, tell stories and a fun way to get a little one’s mind working creatively. I’m loving Goosie Cards for all those reasons. They’re flash cards you can personalize with all of your own photos and descriptions. We have a set that has all of Leni’s family and friends, so she can remember names and identify faces. You can also get crafty in learning the alphabet, colors, places, activities and so much more. Lately I’ve been taking snap shots of shapes we see at the park (with Leni in the photo), so she can identify them all in a setting that is part of her everyday. What really sets Goosie Cards apart is that they hold up to spills, messes and the not so delicate hands of little kids.

Leni loving her Goosie Cards

Leni loving her Goosie Cards

Photo: Goosie, threetwentyeight



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