Guest Hunter, Joyce Hwang


Guest Hunter, Joyce Hwang

Guest Hunter, Joyce Hwang

our Guest Hunter, Joyce Hwang when we worked together a while back. She’s one of those people who’s super easy-going, always smiling and has fun with her style. Joyce was born and raised in Hong Kong, moved to the States to attend Northwestern University and then headed to New York to start her career in the fashion industry. Currently she’s living in Hong Kong where she’s Product Merchandiser for The Outnet (China) and in a few months will be moving to Shanghai to continue to work for the Net-a-Porter subsidiary.

For Joyce and fashion, no two days are the same.  It’s a great way to “transform and innovate” she says.  “One day I feel like being a hippie, the next day a business woman, the next a rocker.” She describes her style as “eccentric – easy looks with unexpected mixes while still feeling like myself and wearing clothes that make me happy”. She’s an individual and onto trends way before most, so KEEP READING to get schooled from this star.

Photo: Joyce Hwang


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