Guest Hunter, Eva Marino


Eva Marino

Eva Marino

amazing art and drawing inspiration from colorful living spaces to a blender that makes delicious sorbet and classic bikes from Denmark, this week’s Guest Hunter, Eva Marino’s got a ton to share. Eva is the Buyer/Area Manager for Helene M., a women’s boutique with several stores throughout New England. In addition to her day job, she’s got a blog and is a stylist – even takes clients on shopping trips to find practical pieces that work into their existing wardrobe. Smart, right?

Eva grew up in Ann Arbor, MI and headed to Key West (her heart’s home) after college where she worked at her parents’ art gallery/studio. She then moved to the Northeast to start her career in fashion. Got a dog, met her husband and has made quite a life for herself. They live in Portsmouth, NH with their 2 crazy dogs and are expecting their first baby in August! When she’s not busy blogging, styling, sourcing new products for the shop, and working with clients, Eva’s planning her next escape from the cold (which she hates, by the way). Her travels near and far have influenced her and we thank this energentic lady with a great eye for sharing her picks from places near and far! SO KEEP ON READING..

Photo: Eva Marino



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