Guest Hunter, Kimberly Howe


Kimberly Howe

Kimberly Howe

to introduce the very talented graphic artist Kimberly Howe. She grew up in the Garden State, but has been living in NYC for 12 years now. Over that time she has resided in 7 different apartments in 5 different neighborhoods. But even though moving can be tough, she looks at it as an opportunity to reinvent her lifestyle, and experience all different aspects of the city (what a refreshing perspective!). Most recently, Kim has settled in to an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen with her boyfriend. I can say with certainty that she’s got an amazing eye for decorating, and it’s almost impossible not to be envious of how easily she pulls it all together. This smart girl feels very strongly about supporting local, eco-minded and organic products, enjoys making pottery, loves to travel and started painting and drawing when she was only twelve… a true individual.

So to learn more about Kim, and see what she’s got to share – from the places she scores her furniture to where she grabs a delicious cup of soup, KEEP ON READING.


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