momofuku milkbar


momofuku milkbar compost cookie

momofuku milkbar compost cookie

why am I just learning about this now? From the brilliant minds that brought us the always busy, super delicious momofuku noodle bar comes momofuku milk bar.  Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but they have four spots around the city that specialize in tasty treats that sure to kill any craving known to man.  Cake Truffles (the b’day cake truffles would be my pick), Compost Cookies (which are made from pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, and chocolate chips) and Crack Pie (toasted oat crust with a gooey butter filling) are just a few of their heavenly creations.  Need a fix and not in the city? They’ll ship.

momofuku milkbar crack pie

momofuku milkbar crack pie

Photo: momofuku milkbar


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