A friend of a friend..



recently introduced me to Sabi, a 2-part hair remover system that’s easy to use and is way less harsh than a lot of products out there. It’s fairly new to the market and was inspired by the naturalist culture of the companies’ partners in Norway. The goal was to create a solution from potent plants and herbs that not only gently removes hair, but also delays re-growth. As a result, Sabi is fortified with aloe, licorice and pomegranate extracts which slow down growth. So it’s made from better ingredients, is easy to use, doesn’t cause any annoying irritation, and lasts up to 21 days.. why wouldn’t you try this?

Photo: Sabi



One response to “Sabi

  1. It is actually a very nice cream unlike some of the others around.. The delayer is a great add on! Good job

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