Shaving Kit

This reminds me..

Shave Kit

Shave Kit

so much of my pops. He’s an old school guy and still uses his shave kit. When I asked him why he prefers the mug & brush he told me “it’s gentler on your face and gives you a smoother shave. The drawbacks are it’s cumbersome for traveling, and a little more time consuming.” There happens to be many more modern options these days, and New York Shaving Company, The Art of Shaving and Etsy are just three (of the many) great resources for finding these classic grooming tools.

Photo: Classic Shaving


2 responses to “Shaving Kit

  1. It’s not *that* much more time consuming and it does give you a smoother, more comfortable shave. But it is a slightly different skill set than the one you may be using now. I have a youtube channel that’s devoted to this kind of shaving that might help:

  2. Where can I get that mug? My grandfather used to use a mug just like that (for straight razor shaving). I would love to get one for my dad for Christmas.

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