Huberd’s Shoe Grease Company

There’s a reason..

Huberd's Shoe Oil

Huberd's Shoe Oil

Huberd’s Shoe Grease Company has been around since the 1920’s – it’s the real deal. The company was founded in Oregon by Mr. Huberd who made a Shoe Grease formula out of beeswax that was ideal for keeping loggers boots dry and in good condition regardless of what the weather threw their way. The line has grown and now includes Shoe Oil, Neatsfoot Leather Dressing as well as Boot & Saddle Soap; none of which use animal fats, solvents or additives. The customer list includes Moccasin Makers, Cowboys, Miners, Carpenters, Oil Drills, and so many more. With a list like Huberd’s, chances are, you too will be happy with the results.

Photo: Huberd’s Shoe Grease Company



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