Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Time is..

Battenfeld Farms

White Pine

Xmas Trees

Concolor Fir

running out to get that xmas tree up and decorated, if you haven’t already. There is nothing more fun than cutting down your own fir from a field of gorgeous endless trees in upstate NY. Ahhh, the beauty.


Battenfeld Farms

Well unless a troublesome toddler decides to foil your plans. She didn’t feel like cooperating in my ideal family day, and we both ended up in hysterics. Conveniently there were no photos to show my breakdown.



It was as much a challenging day as it was a fun one, but when all was said and done the photo with Santa was taken, we had hot chocolate, and took in some nature. If you can make the trip to Battenfeld Farms, I would highly recommend it as a great thing to do.

Photos: threetwentyeight



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