S.N.S Herning

A good..

Stark Cardigan, $378

Stark Cardigan, $378

line of winter pieces by S.N.S. Herning.  The knitwear brand out of Denmark was founded in 1920 and it seems like they’re all about tradition.  Back then, their target customers were fishermen in need of heavy, well made wool sweaters to wear during harsh weather. Today the company has 5 employees at their small  factory, 3 of which are knitters and they only produce 2,500 sweaters each year. Timeless, classic, functional, and available at Stuart & Wright (one of my favorite shops in the old hood), so it’s got to be quality.

Naval Hat - Navy/Red, $98

Naval Hat - Navy/Red, $98

Photos: Stuart & Wright



One response to “S.N.S Herning

  1. Hi guys!

    nice blog! thanks for the additional pieces of info! I said “additional” because I have posted an article about the history of the second birth of Scandinavian Fashion in the recent past.

    Here it is, both in English & French (my translations):

    I really love Scandinavian labels and their genuine but modern & fresh outfits. In Paris – France, there are only a few places where you can find these labels (like Our Legacy, Mismo, SNS Herning…), but it is increasingly popular for a few years now.

    Enjoy! Cheers – Patrick from initials AO

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