Guest Hunters, Lucy & Stella Pappas


Guest Hunters, Lucy & Stella Pappas

Guest Hunters, Lucy & Stella Pappas

our Guest Hunters, Lucy (14) and Stella (10), two friends of threetwentyeight that live in Burlington, Vermont. Their passion for frocks and accessories started as soon as they could walk and access the bins of costumes and sunglasses that their mom has enthusiastically collected over the years.

Their passions lie in the dramatic and visual art world. Acting, singing, dancing, creating, making movies (twopinkable on youtube, if you have a moment), being on stage, watching movies (latest favorite is Brand New Day) and going to the theatre! (If you are in the Burlington area… come see their friends in Lyric Theatre’s Hairspray Nov 10-13). Most of all, Lucy and Stella are a rare breed of sisters. They are best friends and collaborators and support each others talents and ideas. The picks that Lucy and Stella have chosen to share with threetwentyeight are “trinkets” that they have found and a couple of things near and dear to their hearts.

So click HERE to find out what these talented ladies have to say & enjoy!

Photo: Liz Pappas



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